CNC Vertical Machining Center - Heavy Duty VG 12070

CNC Vertical Machining Center - Heavy Duty  VG 12070
VG Series ---offer CNC Vertical Machining Center manufacturers 
3 axis high rigidity structure design
★The processing point is at the center of the bed, the special design can enhance the dynamic processing stability.
★The spans of 3 axes are wider than normal design for processing stability.
High speed / High accuracy / High rigid spindle, which is able to take axial & radial cutting.
The VG series milling machine are used for: Automobile, aerospace, transportation and mid-large parts processing.
Manufacturing cnc vertical machining center for sale.

1) The extra wide box ways are hardened, precision ground and coated with wear-resistant material. The surfaces of box ways are also scraped for precise and smooth movements.
2) Spindle speed 6,000 rpm in standard. (gear driver)


CNC Vertical Machining Center -Heavy Duty VG 12070 

(Three axis box ways design) box way slides structure to perform the best moving rigidity

1)Max. X travels1200mm
2)Max. Y travels700mm
3)Max. Z travels650mm
4)Max. table load1500kg
5)Table length1300mm
6)Table width680mm
7)T slot6*18*100mm


1)MITSUBISHI M80-A control systems
2)FANUC 0i-MF control systems (OP)
3)SIEMENS control systems (OP)


Cross Section View of Column-Double honey structure to perform the overall high rigidity and high vibration-absorbing capacity
Reinforce column rigid structure and large A-shaped base to provide the best cutting stability. The machine base and saddle adopt the A-shaped cast iron structure to minimize the deformation distortions during operating.
Base- inner beam frame adopt the Peter-Le structure and equipped with two lead screws drive chip removal device in Y-Axis direction.
Heavy Cutting Gear Transmission- two speed gear transmission is driven by single lifting lever. Main spindle is applied with low viscosity gear lubricant to increase the cooling effect and extend the gears running lifetimes. Equipped with the linear bearing to ensure the correctness of high and low speed gear shift.
Saddle- use the convex-shaped structure design to enlarge the contacting surface to reduce the swing effect during movement.









Spindle Speed :2,000rpm

100 Face Milling Cutter-dry 5 mm

Chip / Material: S45C /AP: Z-5 /S: 850 /DL: 90 /F:900


Spindle Speed : 2,000rpm

50 Shoulder Milling Cutter-dry

Chip /Material: S45C /AP: Z-45 /S: 1500 /DL: 50 /F: 150



CNC Vertical Machining Center - Heavy Duty VG 12070

Distance from spindle nnose to tablemm140-790
WorktableTable size[L*W]mm1300*680
T-slot [QTY*W*P]mm6*18*100
Table loadingkg1500
ControllerController-Mitsubishi M80/FANUC 0i-MF
SpindleSpindle motor powerkw11/15
Spindle driven typetypeGear
Spindle speedrpm6000
Spindle tapertypeBT-50
Rapid Traverse and cutting feedAxis rapid traverse rate(X/Y/Z)m/min20
cutting feedm/min10
X/Y/Z Rapid traversemmGear
MagazineAutomatic tool changertypeARM
Tool shanktypeMAS BT-50
Tool pocket no.pcs24/32(OP)
Tool selection-RANDOM
Max.Tool diametermmф120[ф250 Heavy Tool]
Max.tool loadingkg16
OtherChip conveyor-DUAL SCREW
Electricity powervoltage20
Machine net weightkg8500
Floor space [L*W*H]mm3100*3050*3100
***As the manufacturer constantly improves the machine specifications and design characteristics, above specification are subject to change without notice.



 ITEM VD-7550VD-8150VD-10060VG-12070
Standard equipment3-axes bellows cover**
Full enclosure spash guard**
Automatic lubrication**
Spindle air-blow device**
Spindle air-shield dust-proof**
Programmable blowing system**
Cutting tool coolant system &water box**
Flushing device**
Water gun**
Air gun**
LED Working light**
LED Patrol light**
M30 Autoamatic power-off system**
Base block+ adjusting screw**
Tools and tool box**
System manual**
Operating manual+Schematic**
OptionalSpindle Power UpgradeKW7.5/117.5/1111.0/1515/18
Controller-Mitsubishi -M70**
Spindle upgrade 12,000**-
Spindle upgrade15,000**-
Spindle upgrade20,000**-
Spindle upgrade24,000**-
Tools length measurement system**
Infrared detecting tool broken system**
Electrical air condition system**
CE Approval**
Transfomer & amplitube stabilizer**
Oil mist system**
Tool handle oil stop block**
Cutting fluid coolant**
Mist Collector**
Disc oil water separator**
Scraper type chip conveyor**----
Chain type chip conveyor**
Chip cart**
Automatic Door**
3-axes optical scale**
4th-CNC Indexing Plate**
***As the manufacturer constantly improves the machine specifications and design characteristics, above specification are subject to change without notice.